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How to Speak Wisconsin

Lazy susan: a relish tray that sits in the middle of the table and commonly has: carrots, celery, olives, port wine cheese spread and crackers, summer sausage and if you’re really lucky cheese curds.

Fish fry: where you’ll find every real Wisconsinite on a Friday night. This time-honored tradition first became popular as German Catholics in Wisconsin observed meatless Fridays. Since the 1920’s, Wisconsin supper clubs have been regularly featuring this weekly social event. Expect to sample beer battered cod with fresh tartar sauce, baked or fried potatoes, cole slaw, baked beans, fresh baked rye bread and creamy Wisconsin butter. It’s not only the great food that makes a real Wisconsin Friday fish fry, it’s the atmosphere, the kind of community togetherness inspired by the venue and the crowd.

Old Fashioned: the state drink, see above.

Surf & Turf: a main course particularly common in steakhouses which combines seafood and meat, usually American lobster tail or shrimp (usually either grilled or breaded and fried) and steak (Source: Wikipedia).

Lambeau Leap: The Lambeau Leap is the tradition of Packer players leaping into the stands during home games at Lambeau Field and into the arms of fans after making a scoring or other big play.

Cheese curds: the fresh curds of cheddar cheese. They are generally available in any Wisconsin grocery store. Fresh curds are roughly the size and shape of peanuts or, perhaps, Cheetos. The flavor is a mild "fresh-dairy" taste. The texture and mouth feel is unique. They have about the same firmness as cheese, but have a springy or rubbery texture, rather than the yielding, clay-like texture of cheese. Fresh curds squeak against the teeth when bitten into. This squeak is perhaps the defining characteristic of fresh cheese curds. They are somewhat salty and have the same addictive, greed-inspiring characteristics as other salty snacks, although they are cool and moist rather than being dry and crunchy. Try them deep fried, yum. (Source: Wikipedia)


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    a water fountain that one drinks from

    Gary Rumpf | November 2012 | Paron Arkansas

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    Don’t forget bubbler! Believe it or not, some folks call it a drinking fountain!

    Rachel | March 2013 | Manitowoc, Wisconsin