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Famous Wisconsonites



Pee Wee King, singer Abrams
Loretta Sell Hildegarde, singer Adell
William Defoe, actor Appleton
Harry Houdini, magician Appleton
Charles Winninger, actor Athen
Charles and John Ringling, circus entrepreneurs Baraboo
Fred Macmurray, actor Beaver Dam
Roy Chapman Andrews, naturalist and explorer Beloit
Gena Rowlands, actress Cambria
Thorstein Veblen, economist Cato Township
Seymour Cray, "Father of Supercomputing" Chippewa Falls
Don Ameche, actor Kenosha
Orson Welles, actor and producer Kenosha
Tom Wopat, Actor Lodi
John Bardeen, inventor Madison
Tyne Daly, actress Madison
Chris Farley, actor Madison
Eric Heiden, speed skater Madison
Thornton Wilder, author Madison
Jeanne Dixon, seer Medford
Woody Herman, band leader Milwaukee
George F. Kennan, diplomat Milwaukee
Alfred Lunt, actor Milwaukee
Pat O'Brien, actor Milwaukee
Charlotte Rae, actress Milwaukee
William H. Rehnquist, jurist Milwaukee
Tom Snyder, newscaster Milwaukee
Spencer Tracy, actor Milwaukee
Bob Uecker, baseball player Milwaukee
Allen Ludden, tv host Mineral Point
Amy Pietz, actress Oak Creek
Laura Ingalls, Wilder author Pepin
Zona Gale, author Portage
Robert La Follette, politician Primrose
Ellen Corby, actress Racine
Frederic March, actor Racine
Frank Lloyd Wright, architect Richland Center
Carrie Catt woman, suffragist Ripon
August Derleth, author Sauk City
Jackie Mason, comedian Sheboygan
Georgia O'Keeffe, painter Sun Prairie
Les Paul, musician Waukesha
Liberace, pianist West Allis
Thomas Hulce, actor Whitewater




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  • 1.

    tom Wopat - Actor - Lodi

    Kristin | January 2011

  • 2.

    Thanks Kristin, How could we forget Luke Duke!

    Martin Heathcote | January 2011

  • 3.

    Seymour Cray - “Father of the Supercomputer”

    (Designer of the fastest computers in the world )

    born in 1925 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin


    Rob Nixon | February 2011

  • 4.

    Thanks Rob, and here’s me thinking Chippewa falls biggest claim to fame was the great beer made there!

    Martin Heathcote | February 2011