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The Perfect Old Fashioned

Brand Old Fashioned
  • Fill your tumbler glass chock full of ice
  • Turn your bitters bottle upside down and give three good shakes over the ice
  • Pour in about an eighth of a cup of simple syrup (sugar dissolved in water)
  • Pour in your double shot of spirits (brandy is the classic, whisky or bourbon is also an option)
  • Top if off with your favorite soda :
    • Old Fashioned Sweet – use 7-up or Sprite
    • Old Fashoined Sour – use sour mix or lemonade
    • Old Fashioned Press – half 7-up, half soda water
    • Old Fashioned Soda – carbonated water
  • Finish it off with your garnish of fruit (orange slice and maraschino cherry), olives, pickled mushrooms – as you like it!


How to order your Old Fashioned like a true Wisconsonite

Just follow the three simple steps and be sure to let the bartender know:

  • Which spirits
  • Which topper
  • Which garnish

So the next time you visit Trail's Lounge Supper Club, say to the bartender :  “I’ll take a brandy old fashioned sweet, double olives, thanks”


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