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Trails Lounge in the Press

Blance Murtagh wrote this article on the Marquette and Joliet monument and some of the portage history, finishing with a drink & dinner at Trail's Lounge - Portage Daily Register, June 7th 2006.

Read Brenda K. Bredahl's article on the state of the Wisconsin Supper Clubs  in the Chicago Tribune (registration required, free at the time of writing), featured Trail's Lounge.

Writing for Chanel3000.com, Ellen Foley's article in June 2010 describes how her hike along the Marquette Trail bought her to Wauona Trail where she ate at Trail's Lounge and had this to say : 

"We ate at Trail's, a Wisconsin supper club with a popular fish fry. I kept expecting fairies to appear or some epiphany to startle us because we were sitting at the place where rivers go in two opposite directions. We did have a good meal at a reasonable price and were uplifted by the human sound of conversation in the bar that mercifully did not have Musak. It felt like a place where neighbors cared enough about each other to ask them questions about daily life."