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Daily menus


Wisconsin restaurant menu

Trail's Lounge is known for their fresh selection of local fare.  The specialty of the house is Prime Rib (currently available Friday and Saturday only) , a choice beef roast, slow-cooked to perfection and served with hot soup, fresh baked bread and your choice of potatoes.

Be sure to try the twice baked potatoes, baked then whipped up with cheese, chives and sour cream then baked once again. There are many other entrée choices including steak, fish and seafood items, senior specials and a children's menu.


Be sure not to miss our famous Friday night fish fry!  People come from miles around to taste our secret recipe beer battered cod, walleye pike and homemade corn fritters with honey butter.

Desserts include homemade grasshopper pie, chocolate torte, pecan pie and sundaes. We also serve brandy alexanders and grasshoppers whipped up to order. If you're really lucky, Manoucher might offer you a good old Wisconsin Blatz beer from his special stock.

For our daily specials, be sure to check out the links on the left side menu on this page.  Prices subject to change.