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Chris Dreyer Watercolors

Trail's Lounge Supper Club will have on display for purchase watercolor paintings by Chris Dreyer October 28th - January 2nd.

Chris Dreyer watercolors

Chris Dreyer is an award winning watercolor artist. He began taking private lessons at the age of 10, and was trained in many art mediums in the years to follow. While studying architecture at Southern Illinois University, he was introduced to watercolor. Inspired by its beauty and intricate nature, he immediately felt a need to learn more. Through an active exploration of the media,watercolor has allowed Chris to challenge himself as an artist and express himself as a person. It has become the "heart" of his work, as he captures memories of past experiences and the beauty of nature.


The show can be seen from 4:00- 10:00 P.M. daily (closed Sun. & Mon.) at Trail's Lounge Supper Club.

9/11 Scenes by Tom Miller

Tom Miller, a former Merrirmac artist has spent the past decade capturing scenes of 9/11.


As an artist, Miller has spent much of his life capturing what he experienced as a Marine in Vietnam in paintings and drawings. His work is often part of a series, like one he completed on the American flag.

But after the terrorist attacks on 9/11, his art switched to capturing the images, the heroes and the missing. He started by heading to his garage to look at an old octagon table he had gotten from his neighbor Mike. He stretched a piece of canvas across it and started painting.

911 Jersey City Tom Miller

"Since then there's been 80 to 100 pieces," he said. "I've lost count."

Thirty pieces of his 9/11 art can now be seen at the Trail's Lounge in Portage for the next two months. Miller, who was born in Wisconsin and lived in Merrimac for many years before moving east, still has family here.

The show can be seen from 4:00- 10:00 P.M. daily (closed Sun. & Mon.) at Trail's Lounge Supper Club.

For a full description of the show and background to Tom's art, please visit this Portgage Daily Register article

Red Sky 911 Tom Miller

Veteran’s Cemetery - Julie Niehoff Photography

This is a tribute to veterans as seen from the eyes of a child. Julie Niehoff lived by the military cemetery in Milwaukee as a child, where she would often play. She spoke to many of the veterans who visited there, many from the Viet Nam war. In the photos, her daughter, India, represents herself when she was a child showing a deep appreciation for the soldiers who lost their lives for us. 

For the past thirty five years, Julie Niehoff always had a camera at her side. Whether she’s photographing family, friends, or life events, she expressed her unique vision from behind her lens. For the past ten years, her child has captured her attention – personal, project work, the show currently hanging in Trails Lounge, Portage, WI. Niehoff is a resident of Pardeeville. She attends school in Madison, finishing her Bachelor’s degree.

"It was the early '70s and I was just a little girl. I remember the warmth and color of the sun the most - whether it shone on my face or bounced off the ground to torment my eyes. The green then comes into focus and reminds me of the hills - hills filled row after row with white slices of bread, the markers of all who had perished. It was the end of the Vietnam War, and my occasional playground was the Veteran's Administration cemetery, where the dead were laid to rest and the soon-to-be-dead wandered, waiting.

I offer you a look through my lens. Do what you will with it, take a moment to remember, honour, donate, thank, maybe even forgive. I do ask however, you remind yourself, they started as children, innocent, wanting, obliging, patriotic children. Then we handed them off to be men, defenders, heros, saviors, killers. Let's embrace them now. Offer a whisper or a scream of forgiveness."

The show can be seen from 4:00- 10:00 P.M. daily (closed Sun. & Mon.) at Trail's Lounge Supper Club.

Rod Melotte Images

The exhibit includes unusual local cityscapes of Madison and Columbus, pastoral scenes with cows, winter sleighing in Columbus, striking photos of cone flowers, and even Lambeau Field! It is truly a tribute to Wisconsin!

Rod Melotte photo big guy

Rod Melotte grew up in Fort Atkinson, moved to Madison and now calls Columbus Wisconsin his home. He has had a camera in his hands most of his life but not until recently has he started to show off his work.

In the past three years Rod as started to attend more and more art fairs and his work can be seen hanging in quite a few businesses and galleries around Wisconsin. Rod Melotte photo Cone Flower He prefers to call his work images as they begin as a photograph and then through the use of his digital darkroom he will take an ordinary photo and create the extraordinary image. “I try to recreate what my minds eye was seeing through the view finder. I want to experience that feeling I had and you can’t do that with normal photography”.

Rods subjects are all over the map from rural scenes to the city, from flowers to metal structures “There are so many things we see and take for granted every day and you really have to stop, slow down and appreciate the world. There really is beauty everywhere”.

Rod Melotte photo Sometimes ultra realistic, sometimes surrealistic and even diving into impressionistic, Rods world is certainly not ordinary and it’s never boring!

For more information check out the Melotte Photo imagery website

The show is up from now until July 1st, and can be seen from 4:00- 10:00 P.M. daily (closed Sun. & Mon.).