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Charles Bradley Art show

From March 1, Trail's Lounge is pleased to welcome local artist Charles Bradley's collection.  Here is what Charles has to say :  

Charles Bradley Art "My grandmother was completely deaf and learned to read lips. I suppose it should not have been surprising that one Bradley would be born hearing impaired. But my father didn’t realize it until my sister came along and seemed to get instructions. I was tested at age 5, and my father realized he should not be punishing me for what I didn’t hear.

In 1950 he moved us from Madison to Mt where I spent 28 years trying to grow up. My mother thought art might be an ideal career for me, as I was expected to be deaf by 21. She sent me to an art teacher for two summers. That put me ahead of other primary classmates, temporarily. Fortunately I didn’t become deaf, and just as fortunate, I realized I wasn’t cut out to be a professional artist. I took a couple years of water color painting in prep-school in NH, then I felt the need to use all my available time to learn everything else. I continued painting on my own. My favorite subject was sail boats.

In college in CO I tried to prepare myself for ministry, but I failed to get in a seminary. So I became a missionary to the Sioux of SD for a year before getting an opportunity to earn a master’s in teaching Indians. I got organized just enough to find a suitable wife and got her involved with the Crows. We taught Crow Indians for 6 years in Mt, then I became too interested in agriculture. I moved my family to Wi to try farming, only to fail that, economically. In looking for something off farm, I became a part-time social worker.

After 1986 I didn’t produce any water colors worth hanging up until 2005. I read a book about cubism (while Susanna was in Cuba!) and decided I could do something like that. So I spent a couple weeks working on a collage of my farm incorporating different directions and different seasons. That was my last water color. Susanna bought me a set of acrylics, and I have been happily and peacefully painting ever since. I love art books. I have read about other art styles and found pointillism helpful for natural subjects and Dadaism for abstract subjects. With acrylics I began putting in people. Towards the end of 2013 I shifted to a freer style of painting, to get away from my color book approach.

I like making up my own scenes. I am excited when painting. I want to know how it will turn out.

I paint to entertain myself and friends. I am not a marketer. But I am ahead of Van Gogh; I have sold one more than a couple!"

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