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Featured Artist - Mary Heinze

Mary Heinze is the featured artist showing her watercolor paintings at Trails Lounge in Portage from December 29-mid February.  Her 20+ watercolor paintings capture her life on the Heinze family dairy farm as well as portraits of family, friends, and architecture.

Below are her biography and a photo took at the opening of her exhibit.

After spending $25 in Christmas money on supplies, I started watercolor painting over twenty years ago.

I graduated from Kirkwood High School, St. Louis, Missouri, and then from UW-Madison in Home Economics Journalism, Foods and Textiles.

My only art classes were at the UW: Basic Drawing, Elements of Design, Art History and Creative Stitchery.

I have taught art classes at MATC-Portage and have sold my artwork for many years at the World Dairy Expo.

Presently, I participate in events at the Portage Center for the Arts and the Wisconsin Regional Arts Program (WRAP).  

I help out on our family farm with my husband, Tom, and son, Mark (Beth) Heinze.  I also have two daughters, Jen (Bradley) Martens and Julie McKibben as well as six grandchildren.

Mary Heinze

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